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Undergraduate Student Tutors 
Hannah Breidenbaugh
Will Smith
Undergraduate/Graduate Student Tutor
Melody Barney

Paper Reading Procedure:

Tutors will not proof a whole paper.  Instead, tutors will check the first paragraph of shorter papers/first two pages of longer papers thoroughly.  Then, the tutor will offer suggestions to improve any problem areas needing attention.  The student will be responsible for proofing the rest of the paper and may ask specific questions about any area of confusion.  The WC staff will continue to offer helpful handouts for formatting issues. 
Students are encouraged to schedule tutoring sessions to address chronic problem areas.


Appointments must be scheduled at least three (3) hours prior to the time the paper is due.  Students who do not show up for appointments the third time will not be allowed to make future appointments.  Instead, they will have to enter as walk-ins when tutors might be available to help them. 
Note: Walk-ins will not be taken fewer than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the time the paper is due.