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What is Ministry Referral?

The Ministry Referral Service of The Baptist College of Florida provides resumes of current BCF students and graduates to churches and other ministries that are seeking persons to fill staff positions. The resume service is only available to current BCF students and graduates of the college.

How can I add my resume?

Complete the online ministry referral form at the bottom of the page.

Submit a current resume for distribution:

  1. Prepare your resume in the standard format included at the bottom of this form.
  2. Provide a recent photograph (scanned into the upper left-hand corner).
  3. Submit the completed resume to
  4. Additional information (i.e., video or audio tape) may be requested by the church.

Active resumes will be sent to churches upon request.

Please notify the Ministry Referral service of any changes.

Ministry Referral Form


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Current Status


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Church currently serving


Current position

Resume Objectives

Please send my resume for consideration for the following positions: (Mark all that apply)

Please be certain that your resume objectives match the positions for which your resume will be circulated.



Please upload your current resume.

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