Photo collage acting as header for college application

Completing the Application Process

  1. Submit the completed application:
    •    Answer all questions completely.
    •    Sign and date the application.
  2. Submit the $25 application fee.
  3. Give the Church Recommendation Form and the Personal Recommendation Form to the proper persons.
  4. Contact high school or GED center and request an official/final academic transcript* to be sent to the Admissions Office. Exempt from High School transcript with a conferred Associate of Arts degree.
  5. Contact any other schools, colleges, or universities (including technical/vocational schools, military, dual enrollment, AP, CLEP, etc.)  attended beyond high school and request official/final academic transcripts* to be sent to the Admissions Office.
  6. All applicants must submit an official copy of test scores for either the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Exempt with 24 hours of college credit.
  7. Every student is required to submit a BCF Immunization Form.  As indicated by Florida Administrative Code, students must submit proof of immunizations for measles and rubella before being admitted. Online students only may check the immunization waiver box.

* For transcripts to be considered official: Physical copies must come in a sealed envelope and have the signature and seal of the registrar, along with graduation date. Electronic copies must be sent directly from a school official or verified transcript service. Transcripts must be final showing neither incomplete grades nor courses in progress. Printable admissions documents are listed inside the online application.

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For questions, please contact the Admissions Department
(800) 328-2660 ext. 460