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Campus Minister

Lance T. Beauchamp, Ph.D.


Office Phone: (850) 263-3261 x 442

Office Location: Student Center

BCM Director

Amanda Carnley
Office Phone: (850) 263-3261 x. 557
Office Location: Graceville Hall

Campus Ministry / BCM

As you may have noticed, BCF now has a campus minister. This new position is here to serve the needs of the College in the following ways so please stop by Dr. Lance's office anytime in the Student Center:

  1. Foster personal spiritual growth of students so this essential part of our lives does not go neglected while pursuing a theological education.
  2. Connect students to the local church for community, service, and growth through volunteer opportunities, internships, and staff positions. 
  3. Engage the Graceville community through various ongoing activities and special events where students can serve to better our city and take the name of Christ to those outside our campus.

We have an updated list of events as well as contact info for our campus minister and BCM director. Check back on this page as we continue to update upcoming opportunities.

Being involved in a small group is important for personal spiritual growth. Because many students don't know what is available, we have posted a list of a few of these opportunities on the "Campus Ministry" subpage so if you are interested in joining a local church small group, click here and sign-in for details!

Spring 2019


January 26 at 5 PM

Conrad Court


Super Bowl Watch Party

February 3 at 5 PM

Wellness Center


State Collegiate Conference

February 15-17

(See Dr. Lance for details or to register)


Movie Marathon

March 9 at 2 PM

Wellness Center


Lakeside Echo

Theme: Disney animated and Pixar movies

March 14 at 7 PM

Wellness Center


Trivia Night

April 6 at 7 PM

Student Center


Java Night

April 11 at 7 PM

Wellness Center


Evening of Class

April 25 at 6 PM

Wellness Center


Board Game Night

April 27 at 5 PM

Wellness Center